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Julia Coffey About

o.m.g. who is that?!

Julia Corrin Coffey, sometimes Jules depending on the day, is a New York City based actress, dancer, writer and plant mommy. She is a recent graduate from Atlantic Acting School’s Full Time Conservatory spending her 24 hours a day either thinking, doing, or dreaming about acting.


After going to University for Environmental Policy and Law, Jules realized that her past of taking home-movie Harry Potter spoofs a little too seriously would prove to bring her even more joy than writing college papers on Climate Change solutions. Even though the metal straw stays in her bag, Julia has found her true passion from getting to explore the roots of complex, and often morally ambiguous, characters. Any day that Julia can play the chaotic little sister, the charismatic villain, the gum smacking best friend, or the addict you can’t help but root for, is a great one. Think Brittany Murphy meets Helena Bonham Carter meets Matthew Lillard. 


Expect to see Julia in whatever Gaspar Noe makes next or in two layers of glitter in theaters near you! xoxo

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