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Julia Coffey About

o.m.g. who is that?!

Julia (Corrin) Coffey here! For whoever wants me to cut to the chase, I got you:


  1. Actor, Dancer, Full-Time Journaler

  2. Considers herself a 23 year old Andrew Scott/Helena Bonham Carter/Brittany Murphy love-child kind of performer

  3. Dec ‘22 graduate of Atlantic Acting School’s Full Time Conservatory


And for the rest of you that want more, I got you too:

Do we start with the 4 year old who wouldn’t leave the stage at her dance recital to get more applause? Or do you want to hear about my Highschool Speech & Debate days? Or that fever-dream, parallel universe when I studied Climate Change policy for 2 years? 


Within each of my past (and current) lives, I have found my essential essence to exist in the constant pursuit of something larger than myself. Life being a meaningless, irrelevant blip in the timeline never sat right with me. Sometimes this manifests in finding ways to honor the planet - how beautiful and celestial and sacred everything on it must be to even exist at all. A lot of the time it’s the attempt to express our shared humanity - celebrate how silly and delightful and tragic everything really is all of the time; bringing characters to the forefront that are typically deemed unpalatable and morally ambiguous, that tease the threshold of being too quirky or too “anything” for that matter. Acting is a vessel for me to understand the world, on top of it being the most fun and rewarding pursuit I’ve explored thus far.


Maybe I’m rambling or being a nonsense “artist”. But, the more I understand the world, the more of myself I’m willing to offer. And what better way to offer up my humanity than on the silver platter through stories that people can see themselves in?


Here’s to hoping we can create together soon :)

xoxo, Jules

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